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Do you live in Beaumont’s Old Town or did you grow up here? Do you know someone who did, or perhaps lives here now? The McFaddin-Ward House wants your help to “Preserve Our Town!”

The “Preserve Our Town” project was created to preserve historical information about the area between First and Eleventh Streets, and IH-10 and Smart Street, to tell the stories of the homes, the business, and the people who live(d) here, and to paint a picture of what life has been like in Beaumont’s Old Town Neighborhood over the years. 

Did you know that many of the families kept chickens here in the early 1900s? Or that the Phelan’s original home (of Phelan Mansion) was at 585 North Street? Or that “sawmill aristocracy” lived at 2210 Calder Avenue, in a home named Arbol Grande, which means Big Tree in Spanish. Or that legendary athlete and Olympic medalist, Babe Didrickson Zaharias’ funeral was held at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and President Eisenhower began his September 27, 1956 press conference by announcing her passing by saying she finally “had to lose this last one of all her battles” in “her gallant fight against cancer.”

What stories do you have? Are there any photos? We would love for you to share your history with us! Check out our link to the research we have already collected and help us add to the information, or if your home or business is not yet mentioned, we would love to included it! The information is available to the public, and we also organize periodic neighborhood walking tour events and share the stories as a way to preserve history and pass it on to the next generation. 

Can you help? Contact historian Judith Linsley for more details. It’s free to participate and is organized as a civic project to “Preserve Our Town.”

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