Friday, March 23, 2012

There's Still Time!

     The response we got from the last blog post was fantastic! Thanks to everyone who responded to the recent call for research participants. Now we’re focusing all our attention on making this idea a reality, and we are eagerly anticipating the events--which are now just weeks away!

     Remember, it's not too late; you still have a chance to tell your story! If you’re lacking inspiration, just take a look at our new “Our Town Research” tab for some real stories that were submitted from the community. This is where research will be posted until the event, then we will print signs with your information, which will be placed in your yard the weekend of the event. We also have examples of more casual narratives outlined in the post, “Myth Busters" on the "home" page of the blog, if you’re more inclined to focus on a personal approach.

     If you need more guidance, we have experienced researchers ready and willing to help: Judy Linsley, McFaddin-Ward House Museum Curator of Interpretation and Education, and Bill Grace, Branch Manager at Tyrrell Historic Library are waiting for your calls.

     Judy may be contacted at (409) 832-1906, and Bill is available at (409) 832-2759. Or, if you’re simply interested in participating in our tour or any other future events, check out our Facebook page for all the details. Come be a part of our preservation project and learn all about the unique history "Our Town" has to offer!

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